The Oath of the Alliance is the oath used to bind toegether everyone in the Alagaësian Alliance, and it first appeared in the fifth chapter, On Magic and Politics. It was devised by by one of the leader'of the Covenant Sepapatists/Neo-Covenant, Rtas 'Vadum.

The Oath

"Through fire and ice we walk, seeking retribution for those who seek our end."

"The blood of our enemies shall stain the ground."

"Through chaos and carnage we tread, bringing order and serenity to the cosmos."

"The sins of our forefathers shall be absolved."

"Through life and death we tread, a Great Journey to be honored and protected."

"The descendants of our sons shall be rewarded."

"By Bullet and Blade, Sword and Shield, we shall walk a path through the stars to a new Salvation!"

"The Mantle of the Gods shall light our way!"

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